6th Pay Commission: Fourth Instalment Payable During the Current Fiscal In Cash to Gujarat Government Employees

Gujarat Government will disburse the fourth instalment of the difference in salary and recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission during the financial year 2012-13 in cash to 8.20-lakh present and retired government employees.


As per a decision taken earlier by Gujarat Government, the difference between the salary and dearness allowance and the benefit of Sixth Pay Commission from January 1, 2006 to March 30, 2009 is being deposited in the employees’ general provident fund accounts in five instalments at the rate of 20 per cent annually.


The decision will benefit 4.67-lakh karma yogis in service and 3.53-lakh retired karma yogis in the state, totalling 8.20-lakh. They would together get about Rs. 1,376.77-crore in cash.


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